Let's get personal


First of all, I am a mother to a cute little girl Marija and wife to amazing Dusan. My family is my inspiration an my endless source of energy. I managed to shift my paradigm and replace the idea that moms can't be successful entrepreneurs, and now I want to inspire other moms to do the same. Originally from Serbia, I settled in Ireland in 2014 and loving it here! 

More than dancing


My love story with Zumba started in 2011 when I was struggling with self-image. I was one of those teenagers and young adults who never fit in, and my inner dialogue was far from encouraging. Zumba helped me fall in love with myself, and this is why I decided to become an instructor - I want others to LOVE who they are and to feel happier and healthier every day.


Now I am taking a step further - I am a Wellbeing consultant and a Life coach. I decided to take my passion for helping others a step further and that's how Be.Me was born. 

Not many know that I am actually a linguist by proffession and a polyglot fluent in four languages! At age of 23 I had my very own art exibition which was a combination of poetry reading and exibition of my graphic illustrations. Ever since I realised I can speak to people and they listen. Public speaking is one of my passions and it has helped me through life on various occasions. 

I am self-published author (read my short e-book here) and blogger who uses the power of words to share my ideas with people worldwide. 


Polyglot and writer



I moved to Ireland in 2016 and after changing three jobs it was clear to me I am not meant to be working 9-5. That is when I went self-employed and since then I am always working on new ideas and projects. 

I was lucky enough to discover my true purpose very early in life -

my purpose is to help others live the best life they can. I am sharing my personal journey with you, knowing it can and will guide you to living a more fulfilled life.

A quitter for a reason


  •  Bsc (Hons) Russian linguistics and literature

  • Zumba fitness Instructor 

  • Zumba kids/kids jr instructor

  • Strong nation Instructor 

  • Wellbeing consultant

  • Life coach

  • Nutritionist