Nutrition and happiness: How to shift your mood simply by changing what you eat

Munching – one thing we’re all doing these days in COVID19 isolation. Out of boredom, or just because “it’s there” (that’s me) the truth is we are all eating way to much these days, and we all admit that.

I am not here to preach how you will get out of the isolation with 10kg more, you know that yourself (be honest now), I am here to tell you something from my personal experience, something way more important than weight – how food affects your feelings and your mood.

I always had a sweet tooth and was trying hard to supress the addiction to sugar, but it was only when I felt how GOOD I feel WITHOUT sugar is when I completely STOPPED using it.

I still eat something sweet here and there, but I don’t eat C*AP just because I can and because I see it in front of me.

Sugar is as addictive as heroin, some say, and I can’t confirm that from my experience but what I can confirm is how it controlled me and my behaviour.

How to know if you’re addicted to sugar?

It is simple. You feel the URGE to have something sweet and as soon as it hits your taste buds you feel hormones of happiness rushing through your brain and whole body. You feel high on sugar.

It’s the “aaaaahh!” feeling of complete and utter happiness. BUT, here comes the biggest BUT ever :D

It only lasts for few seconds!

After that, the feeling of “Why the heck did I just do that” hits you in the face and you become depressed and feel like shite.

I know you know the feeling.

It is the most common feeling in the world.

The question is how to stop doing this to yourself?

Here is a simple thing that helped me:

  1. I ask myself how will I feel if I eat that?

The answer is more than obvious. I will feel rush of “happiness” for 2 seconds and I will feel bloated or fat, if you like to call it, and I definitely won’t have nice opinion of my body image. I will feel depressed, low and will probably reach out for more because I feel sorry for myself, OR I will think how I already messed up the “diet” so it doesn’t really matter.

  1. Why do I want to eat it NOW?

It will be there tomorrow too. If not, I can always go to shop and buy some day after tomorrow. It is always available so I might as well skip it today and see how I feel about it tomorrow.

What I used to do is treat myself to a nice cake or bun in town with coffee. Make that my special treat rather than eating all sorts of biscuits or cakes you get from supermarkets. They are not sensational, they do not taste extraordinary.

Why am I saying it has to be special?

Because your body deserves special. It doesn’t deserve to be fed cheap cr*p from the shelves of a supermarket. It deserves good nutrition because it keeps you alive, it is your gift and your temple and your tasks is to look after it the best you can.

If this sounds too philosophical, think about how it affects your mood. Try to do a 7 day sugar detox and see how you feel after it.

I tried it and here is what I find:

  1. I have MORE ENERGY

  2. I am not BLOATED

  3. I do not feel like eating more processed foods

  4. I want to eat more of the healthy stuff

  5. I started baking my own healthy treats

  6. My skin looks much better and healthier

  7. I feel more confident and feel fitter

  8. I feel I have the control over more things in my life

  9. I discovered whole new world of healthy foods

  10. I respect myself and my body more


Out of PURE RESPECT to your body, be kind to yourself. Eat good foods, foods that nourish your body and brain and leave the junk behind you. You will open gates to whole new you, energized and more positive. Once you gain control over what you eat, you will feel like you can do anything in this world. It sounds funny, but give it a try. I reduced my sugar intake and I really feel like a whole new person. My next challenge is to reduce caffeine (getting addicted to coffee these days…) because I FEEL it is making me more tired and I am constantly reaching for another cup out of boredom and because I have this stereotype it will make me more focused and awake. It will if it is once per day but everything more than that has the opposite effect, leaves you tired and bloated.

Once you see how foods you eat affect you, you will never ever go back!

Start a 7 day challenge and DM me, I can help you stay on track by suggesting some substitutes and healthy recipes, but I can also be person you’re accountable to. Having someone to “check up on you” makes a big difference because you know someone is expecting your feedback today and you simply don’t want to look like you’re lacking determination or will.

Challenge yourself today and start feeling better by implementing small but important changes!

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