Why taking action creates success

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

If you’re a stay at home mom, you are probably looking for ways to contribute to your family budget. I am the same. I am full time Zumba instructor but this doesn’t mean I am earning a fortune from teaching classes and this is why I am always looking for new sources of income.

Few months ago we were introduced to the concept of Masterminding. If you watch my videos you probably know I am obsessed with it because I see the effect it has on my life, but even more, what it can do for others if I share the information I have and if I get more people to try it out.

Mastermind is a group of max 8 people who come together to generate new ideas and solutions for obstacles members encounter. What I’ve learned among other things is that I need to have more than one source of income and, even better, what could that source be.

Here is my few suggestions that I tried and some of them I am planning to.

1. Freelance writing or designing

If you love writing, or you think you could re-write articles, this is a great source of income for you. This was my first online money earned. I started many years ago (6 to be precise) with writing articles, ghostwriting sometimes books of 300 pages, sometimes nutrition and healthy lifestyle e-books. I even did some papers for lawyers and SAT students who needed help with research. Some jobs take more time, and some take serious research, but you can choose whatever niche you’re good at and go for it.

Register to and start making what I call easy money. You’re sitting at home typing, you can start and stop anytime you need to, and you do it at your own pace.

Same goes for designing, if you have some skills, why not invest in a designer pad (I have Wacom bamboo, love it, don’t use it often though :D ) and start doing logos.

How much can you earn?

Depends on experience, time you invest in it and obviously the quality of work but you can easily make $10 per article (500 words). You can also bid on different projects or do them hourly.

Logos are anything from $15 - $50, or more.

2. Multilevel marketing

If you have some time on your hands, why not get involved with some multi level marketing company? Something you really like and believe in. I know few lovely ladies who are working with MONAT (hair and beauty products), they absolutely love it and I see how much passion they put in it. It is a great source of income but it does require some sale skills and great networking, as well as social media promotions and engagements, but rewards are great and you can grow within the company.

3. Shopify

This one is on my to-do list. I haven’t done much research on it, but I know Dusan did and he loves the idea of it. Get more information on dropshipping and you will get the idea what Shopify is. Basically it is a way to sell products and earn money on side without being too involved. Isn’t that what we all want? There is good few videos on what is popular at the moment, so you can research that as well or you can just go for something that you personally would buy.

My idea is to order few of those cute picnic baskets, try them out, make sure they are great quality and then set up a store for summer picnics with all the bits. Not sure if that’s a good idea in Ireland though :D


If you’re a fan of DIY projects, sewing, making cute cards or even painting you can sell it all on Etsy. I know few people who are selling online and it is a great way to have a passive income (passive as in once it’s uploaded, you just wait for sales to come through), however you would have to work on your marketing a little bit, maybe invest few euros in paid ads as well. Still it is a great chance to use your creativity and talent to make an income!

5. DIY projects (decoupage)

I am not great at DIY projects (mostly because I lack the patience), but if you are why not buy some second hand furniture, restore it and sell it at higher price? It is great as a therapy too, you will get to spend time doing something creative that will bring you money on the side. Internet can give you loads of decoupage videos for beginners, and you can get started for only few euros. Why not give it a try?

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