Transform my life - 8 week programme 


- Having low self-esteem

- Lack of motivation

- No vision for future

- Hating your body

- Living in the past 

- Not having enough money


- Being confident

- Having control over your life 

- Choosing healthier habits

- Living your dream life 

- Loving Mondays

- Attracting love and money 


We're not completely happy unless we're doing something worth doing, and having a not that great job is something that affects many and is a common cause of stress, weight gain and anxiety. This is why we will work on this area too.


I will help you establish new sources of income, find a happier workplace or discover your life's purpose if you're feeling lost or stuck, because life is like a puzzle and if one piece is missing, the whole picture is wrong.

It is a program for those who want to start new life today and not let their present results determine their future.

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Transform my life is an 8 week intensive programme that includes improving all areas of your life:


- body image (releasing undesired weight, implementing new eating habits)

- mindset shift (why you think the thoughts you think and how to change them)

- confidence (undiscovering your true self and self-love)

- energy (lack of motivation, burning out)

but also: 

- relationship with yourself and with partner ( practice of self-love, attracting your soul mate)

- relationship with money and your job (new revenue streams, working smarter vs. working harder)

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